Corporate workshops

The Meditation workshop

This meditation workshop is ideal as an introduction into meditation in business and a way to see how this subject resonates with the people that work. 

The will dive into what is meditation, and how it can help.  We will practice some meditation technique, so that everyone can experience the benefits and how to find a moment of mental calm. 

Practical information:

Workshop length: 2 or 4 hours

Group size: maximum 12 people

Costs: €600 (2 hours) or €1200,- (4 hours) - plus BTW


The 8 weeks course

This multiple week training provides the participants with a good foundation to really experience and try, what benefits them as well as the company.

The course is eight weekly sessions of two hours. We will go through the basics of meditation and after we will spend time on the practice itself so everyone will start with training their focus and stress resistance. 

Practical information:

Course length: 8 weekly sessions -  2 hours.

Group size: maximum 12 people. For more people we can plan 2 consecutive hours.

Costs: €4.800,- plus BTW for the course


Weekly meditation classes

A regular meditation offer is the best way to make meditation part of the lives of your team. This can be started at any moment .

The sessions are also ideal as part of a reintegration process for people that currently can’t work because of health problems. In this way they work on their recovery by investing in themselves and keep in touch with the company and their colleagues.

Practical information: Frequency: sessions of an hour. The sessions can be every 1 or 2 weeks. 

Group size: maximum 12 people. If more people want to attend there is a possibility to plan two consecutive hours.

Costs: €3.600,- plus BTW for a package of 12 sessions


Looking for one-on-one training or day programs? I can help to organize a special workshop depending on your next team learning & development event