We're thrilled to announce our newest retreat, Horizon’Our, designed to be your sanctuary for discovery and fun evolution. A transformative journey, where we will explore the beautiful intersection of mindfulness and playfulness.

During these 4 days we will take you into a transformative journey. A new wave experimentation through the senses and energies, with a touch of life dances, combined with healing and deep relaxation. 

Designed for curious souls, held in a magical space for self-discovery.

Escape to a transformative journey during summer, where we extend an invitation to immerse yourself in a unique mind-body experience, cradled by the embrace of nature. Nestled in the enchanting district of Andalusia, just an hour away from Malaga Airport, Spain, our carefully curated four-day retreat awaits you.

Embark on a harmonious blend of yoga, movement, breathwork, and visualization exercises meticulously designed to carve out a sacred space for your authentic self to emerge. The serene backdrop of Andalusia provides the perfect canvas for your rejuvenation, leaving you feeling not just rested and restored but deeply nourished.

Our magical retreat center, nestled in the heart of southern Spain, serves as a haven for self-reflection, transformation, learning, and blissful relaxation. Crafted with love, every detail of your stay is intended to inspire, invigorate, and support you on your journey.

A symphony of mindful, carefully crafted exercises that gently touch the body, mind and soul.

During these 4 days we will take you into a transformative journey. A new wave, mindful experimentation through fun with the senses and energies, with a touch of expressive dance, combined with healing and relaxation, in a safe space with like-minded curious souls.

Healthy Food

Our chef will prepared plant-based & high vibrational food. Most of the ingredients come from our own food forest and gardens, as well as local farms so they are fresh and bursting with flavour.

A real bliss for your Body, mind & soul.


Every room is uniquely designed to bring you peace and sanctuary while you stay.

All have access to equipped kitchens, comfortable lounges, access to the the pool, terraces, gardens and olive groves.

We also have a glamping option if you want to connect deeper with nature.

Meet your Hosts


I’m Clara, a free spirit, wild woman, a mystic, a curious and a working process human being. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by magic and the spirit world. I played that I was an Egyptian queen that made magic potions to heal people, open portals to connect the different worlds and bring light to the world. I studied yoga, breathwork, crystal healing, reiki, kundalini activation, transpersonal coaching, quantum decodification, past and present life regression, hypnotherapy, womb healing and many more… I love to help people to tap into their inner power. We are here walking together, I will just show you the beginning of the path and then you will make your own way, which will always be beautiful and perfect. You just need to trust the process, I will always be there for you. 


In my worldly path, I've been privileged to lead award-winning digital, hybrid, and live customer experiences, enriched by cutting-edge technologies.

In the spiritual realm, I am an energetic, experimental ritualist, orchestrating personalised sessions dedicated to holistic wellbeing. I specialise in broadening the horizons of curious souls in a lighthearted way.